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P1xt Study Guide

I decided to refresh my programming knowledge recently; I realised that despite having messed around with coding and creating a few apps I wasn't that knowledgeable about the fundamentals of programming. Most of what I'd built was built by heavily following tutorials and transferring the knowledge where possible to my own needs. The issue with this is that I spend a lot more time than necessary hacking the information to fit my purposes because I couldn't understand what the code I was writing was trying to achieve.

To rectify this, I decided to start following the P1xt study guide; this is an excellent checklist of resources and tasks to be followed to the letter to build a comprehensive foundation of programming knowledge. It starts with the fundamentals of algebra and calculus and progresses through an incredible variety of resources including Harvard's CS50 course, YDKJS and the M101js courses from MongoDB. You'll also create several strong portfolio pieces which can be used to advertise yourself to future employers.

I'll try and post my learnings from following along with the guide as well as any related resources when I get an opportunity; I'll also add the portfolio pieces here and how I went about creating them as well.

Watch this space for updates and I'll post soon!

Chris Gray

Chris Gray

Formerly a QA/Test Engineer, I have decided to progress further down the path of development. You can find my ramblings here as well as any new projects I work on.

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